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2023.6.30.fri - 7.2.sun


Application Closed

Participant Qualifications









-Participants may perform any kind of performance, including dancing and singing.

*The use of props is restricted.

-Individuals, teams, and groups can participate in the event. *Up to 20 members.

-Pros and amateurs are welcome to participate, even those who belong to an agency.

-Each person may only participate in one performance.

-All ages are welcome. However, those under 18 years old must obtain the consent of their parents or guardians before applying.

-All applicants are required to purchase a 3-day pass.

-If you are selected to perform, you will be responsible for the cost of tickets, transportation to the venue, and other expenses associated with the performance.


Performance Guidelines


【複数回答可 ①6/30 18:30~20:30 ②7/1 18:00〜19:30 ③7/2 18:00〜19:30】







-Please select the date and time you would like to appear.
【Multiple answers allowed ・Friday,June 30 18:30~20:30 ・Saturday,July 1 18:00~19:30 ・Sunday,July 18:30~19:30】

-No rehearsals. I will explain after the meeting on the day.

-Please answer the desired number of minutes for the performance time.We can start playing the music at any time of your choice (before or after stepping onstage). Exit location will be your choice.

-No chairs, tables, or other items to be set up on the stage may be brought in.

-Props such as walking sticks, umbrellas, etc., which do not affect the progress of the show, may be used.

-Stage size is 10m x 6m.

-Any music data to be used on the day of the event will be required to be submit in advance (the method of submission will be announced later).



1  )


  - Fill out the entry form with all necessary information and send.

2 )



  - Please send us the performers' profiles and performance videos to the following email address.

Please upload the performance video to a file transfer service (such as Gigafile) or share the YouTube URL.

3  )

SHIROFES.2023 入場チケットの購入・発券

  -Purchase and issue your “3-day Ticket” for SHIROFES.2023



 - ⚫︎Response on acceptance or rejection of performance

  By May 26 (Fri)  All applicants will be contacted directly.


Application Closed

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